Internet of Things

IoT training offers a comprehensive overview of the interconnected world of smart devices and networks.

Participants delve into key concepts like IoT architecture, communication protocols, edge computing, and security, gaining hands-on experience with popular platforms. This prepares individuals to design and implement effective IoT solutions, addressing the increasing demand for expertise in various industries.

image Hands-On Practical Experience

Our training programs prioritize hands-on learning, allowing participants to apply theoretical knowledge in simulated real-world scenarios.

image Guidance from Industry Pioneers

Benefit from the guidance of industry experts who bring extensive real-world experience to the training sessions.

image Certification

Complete our program and internship to receive a prestigious certificate—your ticket to success in the real world!

Learning Objectives

  • - Understand IoT architecture and components
  • - Explore communication protocols (MQTT, CoAP)
  • - Examine edge computing and security in IoT
  • - Gain hands-on experience with IoT platforms
  • - Develop skills for designing and implementing IoT solutions
  • - Apply IoT concepts in real-world scenarios

Ensuring success and growth through real-time assistance and guidance.


Real-world experience, hands-on learning, and career insights in a dynamic, practical environment.


Discussion Forums

Sharpen skills, share insights, and collaborate for effective learning and professional development.


Live Q&A Sessions

real-time insights, answer questions, fostering interactive and dynamic learning experiences.


Peer Review

Refine skills and cultivate progress through shared insights and constructive feedback.


Exploring the Training Journey

Module 1: Introduction to IoT

  • Overview of IoT
  • IoT Architecture
  • IoT Components

Module 2: Communication Protocols

  • MQTT Protocol
  • CoAP Protocol
  • HTTP and WebSockets

Module 3: Edge Computing in IoT

  • Concepts of Edge Computing
  • Edge Devices and Gateways
  • Benefits and Challenges

Module 4: IoT Security

  • Security Threats in IoT
  • Cryptography in IoT
  • Secure Communication

Module 5: IoT Data Analytics

  • Data Collection and Processing
  • Analytics Tools for IoT
  • Real-time Analytics

Module 6: IoT Device Management

  • Device Provisioning
  • Remote Monitoring and Control
  • Firmware Updates

Module 7: Cloud Integration in IoT

  • Cloud Platforms for IoT
  • Data Storage and Retrieval
  • Scalability and Reliability

Module 8: IoT Project Development

  • Project Planning and Requirements
  • Implementation and Testing
  • Project Presentation

IoT Training Program Prerequisites

  • - Basic understanding of computer science concepts
  • - Familiarity with networking fundamentals
  • - Knowledge of programming languages (e.g., Python, Java)
  • - Understanding of data communication protocols
  • - Experience with electronics and hardware basics
  • - Recommended: Some exposure to cloud computing concepts

Target Audience

  • - Software Developers: For individuals with a background in software development looking to delve into IoT.
  • - Network Professionals: Designed for networking professionals interested in expanding their knowledge to IoT.
  • - Electronics and Hardware Enthusiasts: Suitable for individuals with an interest in electronics and hardware components.
  • - IT Professionals: Ideal for IT professionals seeking expertise in the IoT domain for career growth.
  • - Engineers and Technologists: Geared towards engineers and technologists eager to explore IoT applications.

This ethical hacking course offers multiple session modes to cater to different learning preferences:

  • - Online Sessions: Participate in virtual classes from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • - Offline Classroom Sessions: Attend in-person classes at our designated physical locations for a traditional learning experience.
  • - Hybrid Sessions: Combine the flexibility of online learning with the benefits of face-to-face interaction by attending both virtual and in-person sessions.

Choose the session mode that aligns with your schedule and learning style.

Assessment and Certification

Assessment and certification are integral parts of this IoT course:

  • - Regular assessments and quizzes to gauge your understanding and progress.
  • - Hands-on practical projects to apply your knowledge in real-world scenarios.
  • - Final examination to evaluate your overall comprehension of IoT concepts.
  • - Upon successful completion, you will receive a Certification in IoT.

Resources and Materials

Access a variety of resources and materials to enhance your learning experience:

  • - Comprehensive course materials and lecture notes provided online.
  • - Access to a dedicated online portal for additional reading materials and resources.
  • - Recommended books, articles, and online tutorials for further exploration.
  • - Practical labs and exercises to reinforce theoretical concepts.
  • - 24/7 access to an online community for collaboration and discussion.

These resources are designed to support your learning journey and ensure a well-rounded understanding of ethical hacking.

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Program Features

  • - Comprehensive curriculum
  • - Hands-on experience with IoT platforms
  • - live interactive sessions
  • - Interactive workshops
  • - Flexible learning schedule
  • - Networking opportunities
  • - Certification upon completion

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